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I have a couple of questions...

First one is how to boost my wifi signal. I am using my neighbor's internet signal, it's not stealing because he knows about it and gave me the password. I have only one bar in my home which is enough to connect and check email and facebook (surprisingly even enough to play words with friends), of course it's better on a clear day. I am willing to buy something to help boost my signal but I know there are ways to boost it using household items...I've seen tons of youtube videos and even tried a few (cell phone + eternet cord + bowl covered in aluminum foil = fail...).

The next question is reguarding wireless mouses (mice?). I want a new wireless mouse for my laptop, but I don't want the wrong one...let me elaborate....I had a wireless mouse once that had this receiver that looked like a wired mouse itself, and the wireless mouse wouldn't work unless the receiver was at the same level as the mouse (like if the receiver was higher or lower than the mouse it wouldn't work correctly). I want to plug the laptop into my tv and be able to sit on the couch and operate it with the wireless mouse (keyboard too...). My living room is the size of a shoebox, the couch is just a few feet away from the tv anyways (a wired mouse and keyboard reaches from tv stand to couch).

Thank you for your help, ask me any questions if it will


(Deleted comment)
Apr. 11th, 2012 06:55 pm (UTC)
you're supposed to be smart, right? so you know what a mistake is.....don't you? as in..."I made a mistake, I apologize, I won't be doing that again".
But please, keep telling me over and over again